BMW M12 CDI Ignition Kit

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CDI Module
£650.00 £780.00
CDI Wiring Loom
£245.00 £294.00
CDI Ignition Coil
£185.00 £222.00
Regulator/Rectifier Module
£142.50 £171.00
Regulator Wiring Loom
£75.00 £90.00
Alternator Winding
£352.00 £422.40

Ridgeway's CDI ignition kit is a great upgrade for your old Bosch Motorsport CDI system.

The CDI unit uses high quality, modern, digital electronics and removes the need for a sperate rev limiter box. It's a DC-CDI unit, giving more precise ignition timing and can store a massive 115mJ of spark energy, outputting close to 500v to the coil. The unit is fully compatible with the M12's existing crank sensor, requiring a mere 100mV of AC input to trigger the spark, which makes the engine much easier to get started.

The wiring loom is constructed from lightweight, military/aerospace specification wiring, with highly abrasion and chemical resistant jacketing/insulation. The original crank sensor uses and old-style, unsealed connector. Our loom is fitted with a modern, sealed Deutsch connector and the kit is supplied with the mating half which you can fit to your sensor (be mindful of polarity here as you can easily loose 30bhp if you wire it the wrong way!).

The ignition coil is extremely low resistance, allowing it to send a whopping 45Kv to the plugs – which really helps in getting good combustion in a high compression race engine. The coil is internally potted with epoxy, which not only allows it to be mounted in any orientation you wish (unlike oil filled coils), it also helps protect the coils from vibration damage.

We can also supply the kit with an upgraded, heavy duty alternator rectifier, with sealed connections and a military/aerospace specification wiring loom.

Lastly, if you need one, we can also supply a new alternator stator winding.

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