Due to the varied nature of our business, the price you see on the website might not always be the price you pay. If an item is in stock, the price you see will be correct. If we have to order an item in and the supplier/manufacturer has increased their prices, we must pass that increase on and because of that, we do not take payment immediately during checkout. Instead, once we have reviewed and approved your order, we will send you a invoice by email, in PDF form, which will have a button allowing you to pay online with your credit/debit card, using SagePay. You do not need an account for SagePay, they are just like any normal payment gateway (like Barclays). We use them, instead of someone like Barclays, because their system integrates with our Sage Accounts software in the office. If you're not from the UK, you may not have heard of Sage but they are the leading provider of Accounting software for small businesses in the UK so rest assured, they are safe to use!


When it comes to engine components, calculating worldwide shipping is not always something that can be done automatically - volumetric weight can be just as important as actual weight - another reason we don't take payment during checkout. We only use one shipping provider: DHL. In the UK, we charge a flat rate of shipping for all items. Sometimes, we may need to add an additional charge to cover heavier items or items which require special/stronger packaging methods. For the rest of the world, we must calculate your shipping cost manually to ensure we are not under charging and cover any of DHL's "remote area" fees. Sufficed to say, we never try and make a profit on shipping, we just want to ensure the costs are covered.

EU VAT Registered Customers

When creating your account, please add your VAT number to both your account details AND you billing address. We can only remove VAT from orders that are invoiced and shipped to the SAME address - the address that matches the VAT number.

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