BMW M12 Cylinder Head, With Seats & Guides

£4,500.00 £5,400.00

We can now offer brand new BMW M12 cylinder heads, cast from our own tooling in L169 aluminium alloy.

The castings go through a hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process to eliminate porosity and are then heat treated to improve the mechanical and physical properties. We also insist on a full chemical and mechanical report with each batch.

Once cast, the heads are fully machined and fitted with Colsibro valve guides (excellent self-lubricating and wear-resistance properties) and Trojan valve seats (excellent heat-transfer characteristics).

We supply the heads fully ported and by default, they will be suitable for normally aspirated applications in the later "b-spec" - i.e. with larger ports and with seats to suit larger valves. We can, however, supply the heads in early "a-spec" or for turbocharged applications.

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